Welcome to Arnold’s Cove! As a newcomer to our community, this page can provide you with a variety of information.

Arnold’s Cove is the gateway to Placentia Bay and is home to the Icewater Seafoods fish plant and the NTL – IMTT Whiffen Head transshipment terminal. During the 1960’s, Arnold’s Cove was one of the growth centres identified by the provincial government during the resettlement program and received over 100 resettled house that were floated in from the Placentia Bay islands. Many of these houses are still homes in the community today, and the last house floated into Arnold’s Cove which was owned by Frank Drake is preserved by the Town as a museum.

The community provides a variety of services, such as the regional K-12 school, four Christian churches (Anglican, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and United) that regularly hold services on Sundays, a Lions Club and a Canada Post Office. There are also a variety of businesses such as accommodations, grocery, hardware and banking services, all which can be found under the “Business Directory.”

The Town has a close partnership with the Arnold’s Cove Recreation Committee, who provides a variety of recreational programs and events for all ages as well as activities at the Town’s recreation building, ball field and outdoor ice rink. Find out more on our recreation programs by contacting the Town Hall at 463-2323, clicking on the “Events” section on the website, and by following to Town’s Facebook page.

There are also a variety of community groups that strengthens the social fabric of the town such as the Arnold’s Cove Volunteer Fire Department, Arnold’s Cove Heritage Foundation, and church groups just to name a few. For more information, click on the “Community Organizations” page.