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Snow Clearing


The Town of Arnold’s Cove provides snow clearing services on all municipal roads in the municipality. Main Road is cleared and maintained by the provincial Department of Transportation & Works. Below are the Town’s regulations on snow clearing damages.


Snow Clearing Damages


The Town will not be responsible for any damages from the snow plough or the weight of snow being pushed by the snow plough, to fences, garbage boxes, trees, shrubs, etc, that are located within the road right-of-way. (No defined road reservation specified as some roads in the older section of the community do not have a 50’ ROW)


Fences: All fences are to be set back from the road to the edge of the road right-of-way and must be clearly marked depending on their height. The marking and maintenance of the markers are the responsibility of the homeowner. Only fences that are clearly marked and compliant with the Town’s development regulations will be repaired by the Town, if or the homeowner compensated for damages. Fences that are damaged by snow pressure from Town equipment will not be Town responsibility.


Garbage Boxes: All garbage boxes must be located no closer to the road than the edge of the road right-of-way. All boxes must be clearly marked during winter months. Only garbage boxes that are located no closer to the road that the edge of the road right-of-way and clearly marked, will be replaced if damaged by Town snow clearing equipment.


Lawns, Grass: The Town will be responsible for damage to lawns caused by snow plough provide the lawn does not encroach on road right of way. The Town will not be responsible for dead grass caused by salt or frost. All claims for damages must be in writing and will be considered by Council or Committee of Council.



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