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Water and Sewer Services


The Town of Arnold’s Cove provides water and sewer services to the majority of the municipality. If construction takes place outside the service areas, water and sewer approvals are required from ServiceNL. Below are the Town’s regulations on water and sewer services.


Water & Sewer Regulations & Guidelines




A household or dwelling unit is recognized as a self contained unit, consisting of one or more habitable rooms used or designed for the living quarters of one or more persons. If it is used or designed for separate living quarters within a household, then it would have the basic water services. (i.e. bathroom/kitchen sink, stove, etc). Any dwellings/basement apartments, extensions to residences whether for residential or commercial usage, falling into this category, will be assessed a separate water and sewer rate whether the dwelling is occupied or not. If the water service to the property is off for an extended period of time (months), the council may consider an exemption for the water and sewer taxes during this time. For the purpose of water servicing, the entire developed area of the Town has been serviced with water mains. For the purpose of installing, servicing and maintaining those water service connections to the main lines, the Town is only responsible for the main line and the service line to the curb stop. The curb stop is to be installed at the edge of the road right-of-way. The property owner is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of a water service beyond the curb stop to the building or dwelling. Any accessory building with a water and /or sewer service will be charged a separate water and sewer rate.




For the purpose of sewer servicing, not all of the Town has an engineered sewer system; only the subdivision areas have engineered sewer system. The remainder of the town is a collection of privately installed lines that the Town took over, accepted responsibility for and assesses a month sewer tax. Not all private lines have been taken over and the town has no responsibility for their maintenance and upkeep. It is the Town’s policy that no further private lines will be taken over. For the purpose of servicing and maintaining a sewer line that the town has taken over, the Town is responsible for the main line to the property owners land boundary, the owner is responsible from the land boundary to their residence. In areas where a private line has been picked up or connected to a new town sewer main during a new sewer project, the Town accepts no responsibility for any portion of this private line, or any damages that may occur as the result of any sewer back-up or blockage. In such instances the town does not charge a sewer tax to the private line owner.


Municipal Services

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