June 3, 2022

On behalf of the Town Council, I am pleased to announce that we have secured a lease agreement with Eastern Health that will enable us to build a primary health care facility in Arnold’s Cove to serve the Isthmus region. The new health care facility will be purpose-designed to accommodate Public Health, space for two primary health care providers (part-time doctor and part-time nurse practitioner), as well as other medical services that may be offered on an outreach basis from the Clarenville Eastern Health hub.

Our plans are contingent on approval from Municipal Affairs to borrow capital to undertake the construction of the facility. Assuming such approval will be forthcoming, we plan to build on Lot 1 of our Industrial Park on Whiffen Head Road. The Town is also reserving Lot 2 for potential development of ancillary services in the future. The leasing agreement with Eastern Health will cover mortgage, operational and maintenance costs. Currently we are in the process of finalizing the building design with Eastern Health and determining a timeline. Getting the building constructed within spec and on budget are our highest priorities. We anticipate a 2023 opening.

With the recent retirement of Dr. Geoffrey Fowlow, there is currently no local doctor and most medical clinics in Clarenville are not accepting new patients. Many residents in our town and in surrounding towns are without a family doctor. The commitment by Eastern Health to staff the health care facility with Public Health, primary care providers and other medical services is a positive leap forward in the right direction.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the local mayors of Come By Chance, Sunnyside and Southern Harbour for your lobbying efforts over the last number of years to recruit a doctor to our area; this was genuinely a regional effort. Thanks to our MHA Jeff Dwyer for his support and assistance. Thank you to current and past councils for supporting this initiative. We are so pleased to share this exciting news with you, and we look forward to providing updates in our monthly newsletter as the project progresses.

Yours truly,

Mayor Basil Daley