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Welcome to the Town of 


Hub of the Isthmus

Welcome to Arnold's Cove! Our town of nearly 1000 residents is nestled on the Isthmus of Avalon. As the largest town in the region, we proudly offer a wealth of amenities and serve as the heart of the Isthmus. Situated in the midst of our province's bustling industrial sector, Arnold's Cove is brimming with opportunities for employment and business ventures. Whether you're dreaming of building a home or establishing a thriving enterprise, we have a range of residential and industrial lots available for development. 

Take a walk along one of our numerous beaches and let the tranquil waters of Placentia Bay soothe you. Our three walking trails are well maintained with breathtaking views of the Bay. Come, immerse yourself in the charm of Arnold's Cove and discover the treasures that await within our vibrant community. Your adventure begins here!

To learn more about our Town's history, visit our ABOUT page. 

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